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From KOB-TV:

Burglars can be sly and out of homes in seconds. City statistics reveal there are more than 6,000 burglaries in Albuquerque a year, yet only 8 percent are solved.

To go inside a criminal’s mind, KOB went inside a prison. They also conducted a survey that they mailed to many convicted burglars. The results are very interesting:


1. What was the most common way you entered a home illegally?

  • Unlocked door - 12%
  • Unlocked window - 19%
  • Kicked in door - 23%
  • Broke through window - 16%
  • Through garage door - 7%
  • I had a key - 7%
  • Other - 16%

2. If a house or an apartment had an alarm system, what was your reaction?

  • No problem, I can turn it off - 3%
  • No problem, I won’t set it off - 0%
  • I’ll be gone before police arrive - 31%
  • Leave immediately - 66%

3. If there was a security camera near a door or entry way, would that stop you from breaking in?

  • Yes - 40%
  • No - 43%
  • Maybe - 17%

CLICK HERE for the rest of the results

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