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If you have pets, yo have accidents. It's inevitable. It's also impossible to remove those accident entirely. I've tried almost every product on the market over the years, and while they are good enough, it never quite gets it all out. This does, meet Skout's Honor Urine Destroyer. I don't quite know how they do it, but this is so effective that your dogs (and cats) will not be able to find their favorite spot again. It remover the odor and stain completely. They also make a formula for vomit and the dreaded #2. Only warning I have is that it leaves a greasy stain on fabric, but if you just use regular upholstery cleaner after it dries, it goes away easily. Want to try it? Send your name, number & DOB to We have a few bottles to give away. Want to find out more about Skout's Honor? Click here:

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