Pregnant Mom Takes Her Maternity Pics At Target

Not everyone can be Beyoncé and pose in designer clothes with perfect lighting to celebrate being pregnant, and let’s face it, there are some moms out there who wouldn’t want to. One such mom is 24-year-old Page Miller who recently staged a very unique maternity shoot in, of all places, Target 

Page, who calls herself a “Target Mom,” went to her local big box store in Arnold, Missouri with her best friend and photographer Heather Pippin to have some “mom-life fun” and capture images of her at 35 weeks, or as her T-shirt in the photos says, “pregnant AF.” The photos, which also feature her three-year-old daughter Avery, has Page chowing down on cheese balls as she sits in the grocery aisle, relaxing on a display couch, shopping for makeup and more.

  • “If you know me, you know I have a huge love for Target. It’s where I do 90 percent of my shopping," Miller tells “Today. "Other than the sitting on the floor, everything we did in the photos we’ve done before.”
  • One photo features a boy and girl Superman onesie, which has special meaning to Page. The mom-to-be and her fiancé lost a baby boy, Clarke, to SIDS last September, and calls the little boy she lost their “Clark Kent. He’s Superman.” She adds, “After Clarke passed away, Superman really became our sign. It always reminds me to take a deep breath. Whenever I see it, I think of Clarke saying to me ‘Mom, I’m here… it’s ok.’”

Page adds that while the last year has been “hard,” the fun Target photos, “remind me to value the moment. We can’t take everything too seriously."

Source: Today

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