UPDATE: This "lady" has been arrested

UPDATE FROM KOB-TV: Miranda Gilbert has been arrested by U.S. Marshals in Anton Chico, NM.

From KOB-TV:

On Sunday morning an attempted burglary turned into a life-threatening situation when a criminal opened fire in the victims’ driveway, according to APD.

Bill Thompson and his wife were heading to church when they noticed a suspicious vehicle passing through their neighborhood. Something about it didn't feel right to them, but they didn't know that feeling would put their life in danger.

The Thompsons eventually left their home; surveillance video captured the same white car pass the home again before pulling into the driveway.

With the original gut feeling that something wasn’t right, the Thompsons circled the block and came back.

There, they found that white car sitting in their driveway.

As Thompson blocked it in his driveway, his wife got out to talk to the woman near their front door. Things escalated from there when, according to APD, the woman pulled a gun on them.

“I didn't even think about a gun,” said Bill Thompson. “You know we're not that type of people, so we didn't think about it.”

The woman allegedly told them to back up so she could maneuver the car out of their driveway.

“We weren’t prepared,” Thompson said.

Then things took an ugly turn.

“This is what happens when animals are caged and they're cornered,” said Simon Drobik, Public Information Officer for APD. “They act like animals.”

Caged, and possibly angry, the female suspect didn’t leave before doing the unexpected. Thompson's wife reaches for her phone when a bullet went flying in her direction, missing her by mere inches.

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