Do you suffer from "Dead Butt Syndrome"?

Despite the fact that we now know sitting at a desk all day staring at a computer screen comes with health hazards, many of us spend much of our day like this, because work. But one side effect of sitting we didn’t know about is a condition called dead butt syndrome.

Another name for that scary sounding condition is gluteal amnesia (and no, that doesn’t sound much better). It happens when the gluteus medius - one of the three muscles located in the butt - is engaged so rarely that it “forgets” how to work correctly. Basically, too much sitting and poor posture can leave your muscle desensitized.

The weakness from dead butt syndrome can leave you with pain in your lower back or hips, or cause issues with knees and ankles. That’s from your body trying to adjust and compensate for the imbalance and straining other muscles. But dead butt syndrome doesn’t actually cause any direct pain.

The upside is that the condition is reversible. All you need to do is regular exercises that target the three booty muscles. Plies [[plee-AYZ]] work that “middle butt,” the gluteus medius, and squats, lunges, and bridges work your gluteus maximus, celeb trainer Sara Lewis says. Taking breaks to stretch and walk around during the day helps, too. So get up and move more so you don’t end up with dead butt syndrome.

Source: The Stir

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