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Peter Kraus Bailed on Bachelor at Last Minute

Peter Kraus FIANCE ABC Bachelorette


ABC’s first choice of The Bachelor was never Arie Luyendyk Junior. He may not have even been in their top ten.

Bachelorette contestant Peter Kraus was poised to become The Bachelor. On Wednesday, ABC tweeted a tease about the announcement. Then had to delete it because Peter was playing hard-to-get. He made bigger and bigger demands to become The Bachelor. An insider claimed Peter pushed his luck too far and (quote) “After that, ABC lost interest.” 

A friend indicated (quote) “Peter wasn’t building his whole world around being the Bachelor. It wasn’t a major desire for him.” (Entertainment Tonight)

Following the announcement of Arie Luyendyk on Good Morning America, Peter Kraus posted a message on Instagram (quote) “The most incredible journey has now officially come to an end today. As I sit here writing, I struggle to hold back the tears. I am overcome with emotion, one last time.” 

Cheating History of Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr

Casting the women to date Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Junior could prove difficult.

Arie has a long history of playing the field and cheating on girlfriends.

Bachelor Nation guru Reality Steve called 35-year-old Arie “the biggest dog they’ve ever cast. They’re definitely getting the tabloid coverage they want this season, that’s for sure.” Steve tweeted the rumors from across the country:

  • A woman in Cincinnati has proof she dated Arie for 18-months and as recently as this summer. Sydney was stunned to learn he was suddenly single and The Bachelor.
  • Courtney Robertson was also dating Arie until a few months ago. She explained in her tell-all book how she came to realize Arie two-timed throughout their relationship. His side-chick posted all their selfies on Instagram.
  • Jenna Jones of Detroit claimed in now-deleted tweets(quote) “Shoulda watched The Bachelor before dating him for 3 years. While he continued auditioning behind my back.”
  • A sorority sister in Arizona claimed (quote) “The number of young college girls who have hooked up with him, in one sorority chapter alone, is absolutely obscene.”
  • And a Reddit user claims Arie preyed on 16-year-old mall shoppers. Ewwww.

AARON CARTER: Cops Respond to Suicide Call

For the fourth time in two days, police officers visited Aaron Carter.

Wednesday night, a neighbor called 911 claiming Carter threatened to kill himself by overdosing on anti-anxiety meds Xanax and Klonopin, plus inhaling compressed air from keyboard cleaner canisters, known by druggies as “dusters.” (Entertainment Tonight)

About the same time, Aaron Carter tweeted to his half-million followers, (quote) “Having a relaxing night just playing some Zelda & watching Netflix.”

Police reported, after visiting Carter’s Florida apartment, “Blinds were open for a window and could see into bedroom. Did not see anyone. No odor. No signs of distress inside.”

Last night, Carter went on a Twitter-spree. Dozens of tweets in a matter of minutes. He concluded, (quote) “Music is my life. When it comes to my personal life, I don't need to be paraded with false accusations and allegations.”

SHAILENE WOODLEY: Cops Searched Her Butt for Drugs

Shailene Woodley has recounted her arrest last year with Marie Claire U.K. -- and the experience was not pleasant.

The actress, who was arrested while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in October, says, “I was strip-searched. Like get naked, turn over, spread your butt cheeks, bend over. They were looking for drugs in my [butt].”

In March, Shailene reached a plea deal and was ordered to serve one year of unsupervised probation and pay a $500 bond.

She added, “When you’re in a jail cell and they shut that door, you realize no one can save you. If there’s a fire and they decide not to open the door, you’ll die. You are a caged animal.” 

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS: Banged Up in Motorbike Crash

Daniel Day-Lewis was seen in public yesterday for the first time since announcing his retirement from acting and it wasn't a pretty sight.

The 60-year-old Oscar-winner, who announced in June that he is leaving Hollywood, was photographed walking in New York City with a shaved head, his left arm in a full cast, a bandage on his hand and a hospital bracelet on his wrist. He clearly appeared to be in pain and he walked to his home. According to Page Six, the former actor got banged up earlier in the week in a motorbike accident and broke his arm, but is otherwise fine. 

KIM AND KANYE: Meet the Surrogate

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West carefully selected the surrogate mother to carry their third child and more details are coming out about who she is.

According to TMZ, the surrogate is a married African-American woman in her 20s who has two of her own kids. She is also a college graduate and is said to be in excellent physical shape, which was very important to Kim and Kanye because they didn't want the surrogate to have a difficult pregnancy. Kim had health problems with both North and Saint.

SAM SMITH: New Single Brings New Dates

Sam Smith's new single, "Too Good for Goodbyes," will get the Grammy-singer back on stage next week.

He's announced shows in Los Angeles Monday, New York on Wednesday, London next Friday and Berlin on September 18th. No venues have been announced yet, but they're expected to be revealed later today (Friday).

Smith told Beats One that his as-yet-untitled second album will be out before Christmas and that the standard version will have 10 tracks and the deluxe edition will have 14 songs.


Taylor Swift Schemes for an Academy Award

Taylor Swift intends on performing at the Academy Awards. And nobody's going to stand in her way.

The song “I Don't Wanna Live Forever” with Zayn from Fifty Shades Darker is eligible for an Oscar nomination. The word from Hollywood is that Taylor’s been pushy about getting it recognized by the Academy.

With any nomination comes the invite to perform on stage at the Oscars. Basically, that's Taylor’s wet dream. A spokesperson from Universal Pictures confirmed (quote) “We’re fully supportive of the song’s campaign for awards.”

Two years ago, The Weeknd got an Oscar nomination for “Earned It” from Fifty Shades of Grey. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Clowns Protest Negative Typecast in Movie It


New Line Cinema

Birthday clowns are feeling bullied around the release of the horror movie called It.

The Stephen King adaptation features a killer clown who lives in the sewers and eats children. The horror film is predicted to be the most popular this weekend.

However, the evil clown typecast has damaged the demand for birthday clowns. They’re protesting this weekend at movie theaters. Dottie The Clown said, (quote) “You need to remember that clowns are people too. The movie has done great harm in the business of clowning. A number of clown clubs have folded.” (Vice)

USHER: Lawyers Shoot Down Herpes Allegations

Usher's legal team has responded to the suit from two women and a man who claim he exposed them to genital herpes. He denies that they had sexual contact or that he exposed them to herpes.

The Grammy winner's legal team says his accusers have "unclean hands." Attorneys also say that there isn't a legal claim because anything Usher might have done was unintentional -- so if he did have sex with them and had herpes at the time, he didn't know it and they assumed the risk by engaging in unprotected sex. 

One of the women, Quantasia Sharpton, said in a news conference with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, she did not contract herpes when she allegedly had sex with him after celebrating her 19th birthday at an Usher concert -- but she claims he exposed her to the STD. 

KELLY CLARKSON: Life Arrives October 27th

Kelly Clarkson's eighth studio album, Meaning of Life, will be out on October 27th.

She'll appear on NBC's Today show tomorrow morning (Friday) to perform two songs from the album, "Love So Soft" and "Move You." Kelly has also released a video for "Love So Soft" that's on YouTube now.

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