Study says Second Baby Is Hardest On A Marriage

According to experts, the second baby is the hardest on a marriage. Here’s why:

There’s no more free time: With one baby, there’s always the ability to sneak away for some alone time. Once baby #2 comes, it’s all hands on deck all the time, and it’s harder to find childcare for two kids.

Dad becomes third in line for your affection: Focused attention on your guy can get put on the back burner with two babies, because there just isn’t time. And when there is, you are usually exhausted.

A baby and a toddler at the same time are almost impossible to manage: These years are the neediest, which means there are no days off.

Intimacy is not a priority: When you barely have time to shower, you’re covered in spit up and you haven’t shaved your legs in a looooong time, sex is not even on your radar. (Pop Sugar

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