Women's Intuition Is Real!

Women know our intuition is real and now research is backing that up. Intuition is being able to understand something right away, without reasoning - it’s a gut feeling. We’ve all experienced it when we’ve done something because of a feeling or hunch and now science is confirming this “Spidey sense” females are known for having is real.

In a recent study published in "The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease,"scientists used fancy technology called SPECT to show that women “may exhibit more empathy, intuition, collaboration, self-control, and appropriate concern because of increased blood flow to the brain.” They analyzed 46,000 studies on 25,000 men and women and found that women have more blood flow to the brain, especially the parts that control emotions, mood, anxiety, and depression.

So in the parts of the brain that let us know things ahead of time and feel things deep down, women have more brain activity. That helps us sense things sooner and trust our gut feeling when we do.

Of course, women don’t need studies to tell us our intuition is real, but it is nice to know that science agrees and gets us. Now if they could just help us harness our powers so we could win the lottery or at least finish our holiday shopping early, we’d really be impressed.

Source: ScaryMommy

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