Your Moisturizer Is Probably Lying To You

With so many moisturizers on the market it’s hard to pick the best one, and for some people the most important thing they look for is that the product be fragrance and allergen free. Well, according to a new study, you can’t always rely on a product’s label to let you know about those things because in a lot of cases those products are lying.

A study out of Northwestern University looked at 174 lotions, creams, oils, butters and ointments that are sold at stores like Target, Amazon and Walmart and discovered that many of them aren’t telling the truth when it comes to fragrances and allergens. In fact, 45% of products that say they are “fragrance-free” actually have fragrances, while 83% of “hypoallergenic” products do contain a possible allergen. Overall, only 21 of the 174 products tested actually were fragrance free and hypoallergenic as promised.

Also misleading are products labeled “dermatologist recommended,” which the scientists suggest is just a “marketing tool” with no regulatory way of knowing whether that’s true. And what’s worse, those products are often more expensive for no real reason.

Source: New York Daily News

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