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CARA DELEVINGNE: Says Weinstein Tried to Kiss Her

Cara Delevingne has joined the growing list of actresses claiming Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed them.

In an Instagram post, Cara says the mogul once tried to block her from leaving his hotel room and tried to kiss her on the lips. "I stopped him and managed to get out of the room," she writes.

She also claims Weinstein asked her if she “had slept” with women. "He said to me that If I was gay or decided to be with a woman especially in public that I’d never get the role of a straight woman or make it as an actress in Hollywood.”

Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd and many other actresses have come forward with similar stories. (Deadline)

HARVEY WEINSTEIN: Admits He Needs Help

Harvey Weinstein says he needs to get help and he hopes Hollywood will give him a second chance.

Reporters caught the disgraced movie mogul, who is facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, coming out of his daughter's house in L.A. yesterday. Earlier in the day, police visited the home after his daughter called and reported that her father was depressed and suicidal. When asked if he's doing OK he replied, "I'm not doing OK, but I'm trying. I gotta get help. We all make mistakes. Second chance, I hope." He then pleaded with them to treat him well because he's always been goo to the paparazzi. 

According to TMZ, Weinstein boarded a private jet to Arizona where he is expected to check into a rehab facility for sex addiction. 

BEN AFFLECK: Sorry for the Grope

After condemning Harvey Weinstein for being a pig toward women, Ben Affleck has apologized for some inappropriate behavior of his own.

One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton claims the Batman star groped her when she was a host of MTV’s Total Request Live in 2003. Apparently he finally owned up to it. On Wednesday, Ben tweeted, “I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize.”

That bit of history resurfaced on Twitter after Ben issued a strong statement against Weinstein's alleged behavior -- and got called out for his feigned ignorance of it by Rose McGowan.

One Twitter user wrote, “He also grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breasts on TRL once. Everyone forgot though.” The actress then responded, “I didn’t forget.” (People)

Another video has also resurfaced -- this one from 2004 in which Ben gets handsy with a Canadian TV host.


LINDSAY LOHAN: Defending Harvey Weinstein

Just when Harvey Weinstein thought there was no one in Hollywood who has his back, along comes Lindsay Lohan. 

The actress, who has starred in two movies distributed by The Weinstein Company, shared an Instagram video overnight sticking up for Weinstein who has come under fire after dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct. In the video, which Lohan took at home in Dubai and deleted an hour later, she says, "I feel very bad for Harvey Weinstein right now. I don’t think it’s right what’s going on." She then goes on to criticize Weinstein's wife Georgina Chapman who announced yesterday that she is leaving her husband amid the allegations. Lohan said Chapman "needs to take a stand and be there for her husband."

She ended the video by saying, "He’s never harmed me or did anything to me. We’ve done several movies together. I think everyone needs to stop. I think it’s wrong. So, stand up." (People)


Andy Cohen will co-host CNN's New Year's Eve special with Anderson Cooper. Andy replaces Kathy Griffin, who was fired following her controversial photo with a severed Trump head.

Production on the second season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has been shut down because of the wildfires in the Northern California area. The series films in Vallejo.

Sony Pictures is in talks to adapt the popular board game Catan into a film.

"DESPACITO": YouTube's Most-Viewed Video

"Despacito" is now the most-watched YouTube video of all time.

The Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee mega-hit has topped four-billion views. The clip, which does not include the additional vocals from Justin Bieber, was first posted to YouTube back in January. It has since surpassed Wiz Khalifa’s 2015 hit "See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth and Psy’s "Gangnam Style" to move into the top spot. (Billboard)

BONUS VIDEO: A Preview of Sam's Thrill

Sam Smith has shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the sessions for The Thrill of It All.

Check out the video on YouTube. The Thrill of It All is due out November 3rd.

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