Did these people go too far with their Halloween Display?

Police in this New Jersey town responded to numerous calls of a horrific auto accident, only to find a very life like Halloween Display created by a homeowner. 

Images show a bloodied white Toyota pinning a body against a tree with another body on the ground and crime scene tape surrounding the scene.

The couple wrote up a fake news story about Bob the zombie being "zombified by contaminated drinking water by a power plant" and added the other body was named "Zombie Cindy".

Some locals said they had no problems with the gruesome display while others say it looks too realistic. 

The homeowners have defended their Halloween display saying they didn't mean to offend anyone.

"You see worse on the news," Krysten, the homeowner, said. "Honestly, you see worse in real life on TV."

Cops say they can't issue a ticket for decorations adding the homeowners were free to decorate their home. Read more here:https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4754996/halloween-display-ocean-county-new-jersey-car-crash/

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