Is Your Child's Costume Safe

Halloween is almost here and you've probably got your child's costume all ready to go or nearly ready to go. Before sending them out to trick or treat, take a moment and ask them to do a dress rehearsal. Aside from a great photo opportunity, you will know exactly how their costume fits and if they are going to be safe traipsing through the neighborhood with their friends.

Here are some tips to make sure they come home smiling with lots of sweets and no sour stories to tell:

Double check that their costume is flame resistant: You definitely don’t want Dracula’s cape to accidentally catch fire on a jack o’ lantern!

Make sure their costume isn’t too baggy or long: This will avoid trips and falls and other wardrobe malfunctions, including getting burned.

Choose face paint over masks to prevent sight obstructions: You want to be sure they can clearly see cars, steps, and other people around them.

When choosing face paint make sure it’s hypo-allergenic: Most Halloween makeup is not the same caliber of product as your cosmetics. They could potentially cause a major rash or allergic reaction.

If there is a prop, like a sword, make sure it doesn’t have sharp edges: You don’t want your little one to accidentally hurt their pirate friend in a mock battle because the prop sword was sharp. Not only that, but falling on a sword could really hurt too.

Give your child glow sticks or a flashlight: This makes it easier for drivers to spot trick-or-treaters.

Put them in sensible shoes: Wet leaves and lawns are slippery. It's OK if Thor wears sneakers.

Put reflective tape on their candy bag: Not all costumes are brightly colored, so let their candy bag make them more visible to motorists. (ABC News, Consumer Reports)

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