You Shop With Our Money for November 7th

We start Tuesday off with $600 at 7am. Make sure to enter above, and then listen for your name weekdays at 7am, 8am and 9am. If we call your name, call us back within 10 minutes and you win!

7am: ASHLEY BOYD did not call us back. We're up to $700 at 8am!

8am: ALISON MOLINA did not call us back. We add another gift card to make it $800 at 9am

9am: MELISSA GENT did not call us back. Tomorrow morning at 7am is $900!

A quick FAQ for YSWOM

Q: Do I have to enter daily?

A: Nope. As long as you enter once, we could pull your name. However entering daily increase your odds

Q: Do you call the names right at 7am, 8am and 9am?

A: Nope. We never call them before the times, however sometimes we run a few minutes late.

Q: Why is iheartradio behind your FM broadcast?

A: Good question. The amount of people listening dictates the "lag time" of the stream. It's usually no more than 2 or 3 minutes behind. Never 10 minutes behind.

Q: The name isn't showing up on the page....MAKE TONY POST IT!!!!!

A: Tony is trying. The contest is intended to get you to listen to the show. However we understand that life gets in the way. We post the name immediately after we announce it. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of our web tools to update our blog. Sometimes it's as simple as hitting "refresh" on your browser. When we originally posted names to our blog, it was also to give you an idea of who we had called so far during the contest. 

Q: Can my mom/dad/sister/neighbor/co-worker call in and pretend to be me?

A: Nope. Please don't do that. However you can have them call YOU and have you call in. Just be sure to share your winnings :) 

JTD in the Morning

JTD in the Morning

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