Do You Need Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered?

If you’re not Martha Stewart in the kitchen, you can still create an impressive Turkey Day spread, you just need a little help. No need to lift a spatula or mash a potato when you have dinner delivery services who can do all the dirty work for you. Sure, you might spend a little more for someone to cook Thanksgiving dinner for you, but think of all the time you’ll save not baking, roasting, and washing all those pots and pans. Here are some of the best holiday spreads with little or no cooking involved

Martha Stewart’s Complete Feast - The queen of the kitchen has partnered with meal-kit delivery service Marley Spoon, so you can create a Pinterest worthy meal with ease. You get a whole, free-range turkey and everything you need to feed 10 for just $160, including step-by-step recipes so you don’t have a holiday meltdown.

Boston Market - For just $120 you can feed 12 with this dinner, which includes a whole roasted turkey, appetizers, sides, and two pies. And the best part is you don’t have to cook it!

Whole Foods Festive Feast - Can’t decide between ham or turkey? With this dinner for 12, you get both and all the fixings for $249.

Cracker Barrel Heat ‘N Serve Holiday Family Meal - Craving a southern style spread? This one can be yours for just $99 and it comes with that yummy hashbrown casserole, along with all the traditional sides and fried apple dessert.

Veestro Vegan Herb Crusted Turk’y Dinner - For our non-meat eaters, this all-vegan meal has a soy-based protein dish with porcini mushroom gravy, and it comes with cornbread stuffing and cranberries, too. It’s all cooked so you just heat and serve. This vegan dinner for six is $78.

Uncle Ray’s Cajun Deep Fried Turkey - It arrives at your door cooked and frozen, so you just need to thaw it out and heat it up. The fried turkey serves 24 and sells for $179.

Thanksgiving Dinner Blue Apron - Why cook a whole turkey if there’s only two of you? You don’t have to with this meal-kit service that comes with a turkey leg, turkey breast, spices, and veggies for just $7.99 a serving.

Source: Moneyish

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