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MICHAEL DOUGLAS: Accuser Details Sexual Harassment

The woman accusing Michael Douglas of sexual harassment is speaking out for the first time and revealing explicit details of her alleged encounters with the actor.

Susan Braudy provided a written account to The Hollywood Reporter about the time she spent working for Douglas in the late '80s. Braudy, who was in her 40s at the time, was hired to run the New York office of Douglas's production company, Stonebridge Productions. She claims she had to endure routine sexual harassment by Douglas including "near-constant profane and sexually charged dialogue, demeaning comments about her appearance, graphic discussions regarding his mistresses and more.” During one script meeting alone in his apartment, Braudy claims Douglas masturbated in front of her. 

Braudy says she immediately left the apartment and Douglas ran after her shouting, "Hey, thank you, you’re good. You helped me, thank you, thank you." She claims she told three colleagues about the encounter, including journalist Michael Wolff, who wrote Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Braudy says her relationship with Douglas was strained after that. He asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but she refused and was fired six months later.

Last week, Douglas tried to get ahead of Braudy's account and told Deadline Hollywood, "This is a complete lie, fabrication, no truth whatsoever." He wondered why she decided to speak out 32 years later and suggested, "Maybe she is disgruntled her career didn’t go the way she hoped and she is holding this grudge. It has caused tremendous stress to me for something I believe I have nothing to regret or feel responsible for."

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: Why She Kept Mum on Pregnancy

Keeping her pregnancy hidden from the public wasn't too hard for Khloé Kardashian, but not telling her family was another matter.

The reality star has opened up about her pregnancy on her private website. She writes, “Even though expecting a baby is SO exciting, the first trimester can be the worst. The worst part was keeping this major secret from my family, though! I’m with my sisters pretty much every single day, so it was hard to not be able to say why I was so sick or couldn’t do certain things.” 

Keeping it secret from the public was much easier. Khloe, who made the public announcement in December, says it “wasn’t as big of a deal” and that she believes "there are certain things that need to be held private and for yourself. It was beautiful to have something that was just ours." (People)


Kim Kardashian is the queen of zingers after roasting Lamar Odom on Twitter.

The former basketball star started it when he went no BET's Mancave and said, "I knew my marriage to Khloe was over 'when she was on her second or third NBA player.'"

Kim hit back at her former brother-in-law on social media, writing, "Or second or third brothel."

Lamar, you'll recall, infamously overdosed at a Nevada brothel a few years back. (TMZ)

TIMES UP: Black Dresses to be Auctioned Off

The black dresses worn at the Golden Globes are being put up for auction and all proceeds will help fund the Time’s Up initiative.

Hollywood stars wore black in solidarity with victims of sexual misconduct and launched the Time's Up movement to fight sexual harassment and assault. Media company Condé Nast announced that it is auctioning off dresses worn by Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Laura Dern and others. 

The dresses will go up for sale tomorrow on eBay and conclude next Friday. (NY Daily News)

JUSTIN BIEBER: Mom's the Word

2017 was the year when Justin Bieber got back together with Selena Gomez-- and it looks like this is the year for him to kiss and make up with his long-estranged mom.

Justin and Pattie Mallette drifted apart during his wild-child period. But he's been spending more time with her lately -- and has just treated her to a winter getaway to the Maldive Islands. Pattie went onto Instagram to post some photos of her and her boy on the beach, with a caption reading, "I'm so proud of the amazing young man you are, and the young man you are becoming. None of us are perfect and never will be, but your genuine growing relationship with Jesus is evident in the choices you are making daily and the good 'fruit' you bear. I admire your character and integrity."


Justin Timberlake has been talking a lot about the rootsy vibe of Man of the Woods, but from the sound of his new single, he's still capable of bringing sexy -- and funky -- back. J.T. dropped the beat-heavy "Supplies" on Thursday, complete with a futuristic-looking, surprisingly political video that mixes The Matrix and Fifty Shades of Grey.



If you've been holding your breath for the new Maroon 5 video, it's time to exhale. The band just dropped the clip for "Wait," which is made up largely of short videos that Adam Levine shot using his iPhone and multiple Snapchat filters -- carrying on the theme of M5's Red Pill Blues album cover.

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