Vending Machines Offer Only Healthy Options

If you’ve been trying to stick to your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier this year, you’ve probably been steering clear of vending machines. Those things are notorious for being stocked with diet-killers like candy bars and sodas, making it so tempting to cheat when you need a snack at the office.

But Farmer's Fridge is changing all that. The company has about 75 vending machines around Chicago stocked with healthy choices like fruit and veggie-filled meals. The machines are stocked daily and the options look Instagram-worthy.

In the morning they’re full of yogurt, granola, overnight oats and chia pudding and later in the day, those are swapped for salads packed in mason jar-type containers, pasta and grain bowls. And instead of chips, Farmer’s Fridges have filling little jars of chicken, tofu, or hard boiled eggs. But they’re also realistic and know we still want something sweet sometimes, so they’ve got chocolate trail mix, too. Hey, it’s all about baby steps, right?

Source: Delish

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