STUDY: One In Three Can't Eat Without Their Phone

Are you eating as you read this? One in three Americans can’t eat a meal without being on their phone — according to new research.

A study into the eating habits of 2,000 Americans found many of us are increasingly distracted when eating and 29 percent say their phone now accompanies EVERY meal that they eat. Even more than that — over half of those studied say their phone is a mainstay at most of their meals and only 17 percent admit to never having their phone at the table.

The study, commissioned by Nutrisystem, a leading provider of weight-loss products and services, found distracted eating is a prominent part of many meals and it’s getting more common.

In fact, 35 percent of those aged 18-25 can’t be without their phone for every meal — with phone usage at every meal decreasing the older you are. And it’s not just phones that take our focus away from the food we’re eating — 72 percent often watch TV while eating.

Incredibly, when asked what makes eating a meal more enjoyable, Americans were more likely to say watching TV than they were to say conversations with friends and family.

So, what is the impact of all of this distracted eating? It affects the quality of food we prepare, the enjoyment of what we eat and even the amount we wolf down. We are constantly in motion and eating so quickly that we rarely have time to let our bodies tell us we’re full and we can stop eating.


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