Milk That Can Help You Sleep?

Drinking warm milk has been a tried and true natural remedy for sleep for as long as anyone can remember. But now Sleep Well, a company from the island of Jersey off the coast of France is cashing in on the idea with their own milk formula created to help you fall asleep.

Sleep Well is made with Jersey milk from cows on the island, which they claim “has 20% more calcium, more protein and a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals.” And then they add a well known herbal remedy for relaxation and sleep: valerian. They also add in some honey and vanilla to make sure the drink “tastes gorgeous.”

So we know it’s going to taste good, but the real question is does Sleep Well milk work? According to customer reviews online, it depends. Some say “I definitely slept better and longer,” others say it “was okay, nothing special.” So it might not knock you out, but it has fewer side effects than Ambien.

Source: Extra Crispy

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