Trader Joe's Food Mashups

We love shopping at Trader Joe’s because they have what we want. And they’re always coming out with new products, so there’s always something different to try. But now the grocery store chain wants us to tell them which two of its products we think are the perfect match, and the winners will get paid in gift cards!

Trader Joe’s is looking for creative and interesting combinations of their products and the mashups don’t necessarily have to make sense to anyone else. “If you’ve ever combined two Trader Joe’s products and thought “This is *the* best pairing, we want to see it,” they posted on Instagram.

The best part is the top entries win Trader Joe’s gift cards. First place gets $222 and two runners-up get $44 each. And we all know a little goes a long way at TJ’s. Think of all the wine and cheese you could buy with that!

Source: Trader Joe's

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