The Peak Pays Your Bills For February 21st

Yesterday morning Christy Coffey won $1000! We have $300 to start Wednesday morning off with. Listen for your name weekdays at 7am, 8am and 9am. If we call your name, call us back within 10 minutes at 299-7325 to win.

7am: KELLY TENORIO did not call back. $400 coming up at 8am

8am: JESSIE COPPEL did not call back. $500 coming up at 9am

9am: RENEE GROVER did not call us back. 

That means we have $500 left over for The Peak Pays Your Bills....and we HAVE to give it away! We will have details on Monday morning on how you can win $500!

JTD in the Morning

JTD in the Morning

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