Sixth Grade Rio Rancho Student Suspended


From KOB-TV:

Most students in one district risked discipline for skipping class if they took part in Wednesday's walkouts, as others did across the country. However, but one Rio Rancho middle schooler said her treatment went beyond any punishment on paper.

Ryan Barber admits she singled herself out. The 12-year-old was the one and only Mountain View Middle School student to walk out of the building. She stood alone in protest, and then she was suspended.

"I felt like they made it feel like my opinion was wrong and I didn't have a say in it," said Barber, a sixth-grader.

As kids across the country stood up and walked out of class at 10 a.m. local time, Barber made a pact with some friends to take a stand. When the time came, Barber found herself walking out of the building all by herself.

"I was actually doing something. It mattered," she said. "At least I was brave enough. At least strong enough."

Barber admits students were warned there would be consequences. Suspension was even mentioned on the morning announcements. Barber said she may have singled herself out, but she said a teacher who caught up to her outside took it somewhere else.

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