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STEVEN SEAGAL: Accusers Hold News Conference

Two women spoke out about their sexual abuse allegations against Steven Seagal in a press conference Monday.

Regina Simons claims the action star raped her 25 years ago at his home. She said, "He closed the door and approached me from behind; he started kissing my neck and taking off my clothes. I was in shock. I was completely caught off guard. Seagal was more than twice my size and twice my age. I was not sexually active nor had I ever been naked in front of a man before."

Faviola Dadis says she was only 17 when she met Seagal in 2002 at a hotel. She explains, “Steven approached me and said he would like to act out a romantic scene... I felt uncomfortable because I was in my bikini and I expressed this... Steven slipped his hand under my bikini top and simultaneously slid his hand over my vaginal area… I quickly yelled that this audition is over, and I began gathering my things. Steven sat there calmly as if nothing had happened while I was noticeably upset and terrified by the experience."

Their attorney, Lisa Bloom, wouldn't say if they'll sue Seagal, though the incidents have been reported to the LAPD. (FOX News)


The worst-kept secret in show business is finally out -- Fifth Harmony have decided to call it quits.

More than a year after Camila Cabello bailed on the group, the remaining ladies will take a "hiatus" from performing together. In a long Twitter message to fans, they wrote, “We’ve had one hell of a memorable journey together  and can’t begin to express our gratitude to y’all for coming along with us on this wild journey. After six years going hard, non stop, we realize that in order to stay authentic to ourselves and you, we need to take some time for now to go on a hiatus from Fifth Harmony in order to pursue solo endeavors.”

Fifth Harmony say they'll complete their slate of scheduled live dates, the next of which is in Orlando on May 11th.

HANNIBAL BURESS: Mic Cut Off After Joke About Catholic Church's Child Abuse History

Hannibal Buress probably won't be invited back to Loyola University in Chicago. 

The comedian, who's best known for his routines about Bill Cosby's sexual assault allegations, had his mic cut off Saturday after he joked about the Catholic Church's history of child abuse. Hannibal opened his set by joking about an email Loyola sent him, forbidding him from talking about rape, sexual assault, race, sexual orientation/gender and illegal drugs. So naturally he brought up the church’s unsavory past. The mic then went out. He tried to continue, but the program organizers drowned him out by playing loud music. Hannibal walked off the stage, but after complaints and calls for refund, he returned with a working mic and finished the show.

CHARLIE SHEEN: Settles Defamation Suit Against The National Enquirer

Charlie Sheen has reportedly settled his defamation case against The National Enquirer.

The actor sued the tabloid last year for claiming he raped a then 13-year-old Corey Haim on the set of the 1986 movie Lucas. Charlie denied it and the late star's mother also said the story wasn't true.

According to TMZ, "Charlie's lawyers are asking for the suit to be dismissed with prejudice -- meaning it can't be refiled. That's typically a sign that they've struck a deal." Sources say "no money changed hands -- but both sides were fully satisfied with the terms."

CYNTHIA NIXON: Officially Announces Run for Governor of New York

Cynthia Nixon officially announced her run for governor of New York today (Monday).

The Sex and the City star, who'll challenge incumbent Andrew Cuomo, released a promotional video. In it, she says, “I love New York. I’ve never lived anywhere else. But something has to change. We want our government to work again, on healthcare, ending mass incarceration, fixing our broken subway. We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us. It can’t just be business as usual anymore.”

Her Sex and the City co-star Kristin Davis has endorsed the political hopeful. Kristin tweeted, “I am so proud of @cynthiaNixon. No one cares more than she does about EVERY person getting a fair change and a good education. I know she would be an excellent Governor!” (The Wrap)


BEN AFFLECK: Reveals Massive Back Tattoo

Ben Affleck rose like a phoenix from the ocean in Hawaii last week to reveal a massive back tattoo that has the Internet talking.

The 45-year-old actor was spotted on the beach last week, where he's training for a movie role, and was photographed with a colorful tattoo of a mythological phoenix spreading its wings. It's actually not the first time anyone has seen it. He's believed to have gotten it done in 2015, but at that time he insisted that it was fake and even told Extra TV's Mario Lopez, "I actually do have a number of tattoos…but I try to have them in places where you don’t have to do a lot of cover-up."

Three years later, it appears that the tattoo is very much real -- and very large. (Us Weekly)

TAYLOR SWIFT: Surprises Wedding Couple With Bottle of Dom

A newly-married couple in New York received a surprise wedding gift from Taylor Swift last weekend. 

Edward and Margaret McNoble had just exchanged vows when they were told there was a special gift waiting for them. It was a $200 bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne with a hand-written card attached with read, "Rumor has it you might be using my song in your wedding celebration which makes me so happy! Here’s to this amazing day of your continuing love story. Love, Taylor."

Sure enough, the couple's first dance was to Taylor's "Love Story." They also arrived to the reception with "Welcome to New York" blaring. (Us Weekly)

STEVIE WONDER: Defends Bruno Mars

Stevie Wonder has come to Bruno Mars's defense.

After recent online buzz accusing the recent Grammy winner of "appropriating" black music, the Motown icon says that's unfair.

He tells TMZ, "God created music for all of us to enjoy... So we cannot limit ourselves by people’s fears and insecurities. He’s a great talent, so all the other stuff is just bull-[crap]. He was inspired by great musicians and great artists and songwriters. So it’s cool."

Bruno has been sued by Angie Stone and her rap group The Sequence for allegedly plagiarizing their song "Funk You Up."

BONUS VIDEO: X Ambassadors Strip "Ahead" Down

X Ambassadors went into a Los Angeles studio recently to do a stripped-down acoustic version of "Ahead of Myself."

Watch the session now on YouTube. X Ambassadors new album, Joyful, is expected out in the late spring.


ZAYN: If He Can Make It There...

All that talk about Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid fighting over his hatred of New York City just went out the window -- of the super-extravagant Big Apple apartment Zayn just bought.

Despite reports that he couldn't wait to ditch these shores and move back to London, Zayn just laid out nearly $11 million for a huge loft in the ritzy Soho section of Manhattan -- with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, along with a thousand-square-foot terrace overlooking a street lined with 19th-century buildings.

According to StreetEasy, the pad was on the market for more than two years, and was marked down from an initial asking price of $13 million. (New York Post)

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