Would You Eat Mayo Out Of The Jar??

Social media has been going berserk over a video of two women eating mayo out of a jar while at a basketball game. The two fans were watching the Detroit Pistons versus the Sacramento Kings when the jumobtron caught them eating straight up mayo from a Best Food’s jar. In the video, you can see one of the girls eat a giant spoonful of the condiment and then offer her friend a taste too.

Of course, this grossed out most of social media. ESPN tweeted the video with the caption, “You know, there’s food you can put on that.” Most of the Twitterverse agrees how gross it was, while others were a bit skeptical. “It’s most likely just vanilla pudding I’ve seen many people do this as a joke,” wrote one user. Another added, “You know it’s not really mayo and you fell for their gimmick right?” 

The Kings fans have yet to confirm whether it was mayo or not, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone eaten heaps of mayo at a game. A Belmont Bruins fan, Graham was seen putting spoonfuls of mayo in his mouth while sitting behind commentators last year. People also questioned his mayo for pudding, but he put the speculation to rest by posting a video of himself eating mayo straight out of an unopened packet. Along with the video Graham wrote, “Vanilla pudding is disgusting.”

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