Better Tasting Bacon??

No one really thought bacon was health food, but when the World Health Organization added processed meats to the list of “group 1” carcinogens, people were surprised to see their beloved breakfast meat on the same list as smoking and plutonium. Since smoking meats can raise their carcinogen levels, scientists have been working with filters to make the smoking process healthier and a new discovery may actually make bacon taste even better.

Jane K. Parker and a team of researchers at The Flavor Center at the University of Reading in the U.K. have been working with a filter commonly used in the automotive industry called zeolite. They found that filtering smoke through the porous mineral drastically cuts the carcinogenic compounds without messing with the flavor of what’s being smoked.

Some tasters even said the filter created better-tasting food that was “more balanced and less harsh” than traditionally smoked meat. Parker points out that “at the moment, there is no direct link between an increase in consumption of smoked foods and an increased incidence of cancer,” but they still want to lower these levels in food as much as possible. And who wouldn’t want healthier, better tasting bacon?

Source: Food and Wine

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