Um....What In The Heck Is The Snake Diet??

There’s always some new diet making its rounds with big claims of big results, and this time it’s called the Snake Diet. It was created by Cole Robinson, a trainer who says on the diet’s website that the Snake Diet works by following the eating habits of a snake, so you eat a huge meal and then live off it for a while.

In videos on Robinson’s YouTube channel, he claims the Snake Diet can cure type 2 diabetes, herpes, and inflammation, and even make you more productive. All you have to do is follow the diet’s three-pronged approach. Phase One is a 48-hour fast that uses apple cider vinegar and “snake juice” - something the site calls an “essential mineral replacement” to help “clear your liver of toxins.” Phase Two includes “flexible fasting routines” and Phase Three is about “maintenance” and listening to your body’s hunger cues.

So is the Snake Diet safe? That’s a big no. “I would not recommend it to anyone for even a short-term trial, as it is not based on any clear evidence nor does it have any clinical evidence that is peer-reviewed to support the program,” says registered dietitian Julie Upton. Not only that, she says it would be “nearly impossible” for anyone to follow for a significant amount of time.” So maybe just skip the Snake Diet and wait for the next new thing.

Source: Women's Health

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