STOP EVERYTHING!! Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream Is Real!!!

Red, White, And Blue Sour Patch Kids ice cream is here and it's glorious! It's for sale at Walmart exclusively, and costs $3.48. My inner 13 year old is jumping up and down!  Instagram blogger Junkfoodmom! loves it!

"This stuff is amazing," she wrote on Instagram. "If sour is what you're looking for, it's here. The combo ice cream/sorbet works great and has a tart lemon flavor. The Blue Bitz are actual pieces of [Sour Patch] Kids. What makes this Sour is the Redberry Swirl. Yikes- if you get a spoonful of it I guarantee your face will pucker up."  It's on sale now.

JTD in the Morning

JTD in the Morning

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