To Sit Or Stand, That Is The Question!

Here’s the conundrum: if sitting is bad and standing is bad, what are we supposed to do?

Who knows! Sitting for long periods of time is bad for you, maybe worse than previously thought. While it causes problems with the cardiovascular system, a new study from UCLA found that sitting for long periods of time could negatively affect the part of the brain related to creating new memories.

That could be a precursor to problems later in life like dementia. So far the study only suggests correlation, not that it’s the cause.. The research is published in the journal "PLOS One."

But wait! A recent study, in February, noted that standing was also bad. So how exactly do we get through our workday? Move around, get a standing desk, and don’t forget to eat right and exercise while at home.

Other than that, do what’s comfy. Read more here

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