Want To Try Microblading? Here's Some Things You Should Know First.

Not all of us were born with amazing eyebrows, and others have overdone it with plucking and are left with sparse brows, so lots of women are turning to microblading - a permanent makeup solution to fill in those puny eyebrows. It’s kind of like getting an eyebrow tattoo, but it’s supposed to create a more-natural look and when it’s done right, it looks amazing and you can’t see the strokes at all.

But the thing is, because this procedure has become so popular, it’s not always done right. Microblading mishaps can create problems from unflattering shapes and fading color to scarring and infection, because they’re getting work done by practitioners who aren’t qualified, but offer such a discount that people are willing to take a chance.

Sometimes that leaves them with cartoonish or theatrical eyebrows that just don’t look right and it’s one thing to hide an unfortunate tattoo on your back or arm, but when it’s on your face, it’s hard to hide. So if you’re thinking of permanently enhancing your arches, here’s what the pros what you to know before you go:

  • Ask if your skin can handle it - Clients with large pores and oily skin aren’t good candidates because the color doesn’t show up as well and can look blurry.
  • Make sure your pro is really a pro - Make sure your technician is Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional certified or that they have reviews and referrals, and check them! Experience is essential here.
  • Go for an age-appropriate look - A middle-aged woman can’t get away with the same fashion-forward shape that a girl in her early 20s can pull off.
  • Try before you buy - Ask the artist to draw the brows on before doing it with the machine so you know you like the look before making the long-term commitment.

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