Costco: "No Animals" Allowed (except for these)



It's becoming more and more common for people to bring their pets with them everywhere they go, from the grocery store to restaurants. 

"I love dogs, so I completely don't mind them," said Marisol Meyer.

Nevertheless, a lot of customers do mind, and so do a lot of businesses. In fact, the only animals businesses are OK with - or legally have to allow inside - are service animals. 

Now, after having so many issues, Costco posted signs explaining its store policy to guests that say, "No animals allowed, except service animals."

"I think as a business you have the right to put up a sign because it's your business," said Meyer.  

In the past, those who own and work with service dogs have said that people who don't follow business and restaurant policies make it harder on them. 

"People are misrepresenting their dogs not only as service dogs but also therapy dogs," said Maryayn Shoemate, a dog trainer. 

Costco said its policy hasn't changed, but did acknowledge the signs were recently posted near store entrances - and Costco's policies go even further.

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