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Tristan Thompson In Dog House

Khloe Kardashian kicked Tristan Thompson out of his own house. It may be a 2 million dollar mansion, but it's not big enough for the both of them.

Tristan has stayed in a hotel room. He’s stopped by a few times to visit their daughter, True Thompson. A source told Peoplemagazine that they’re already acting like a divorced couple. When Tristan visits, it’s the nanny who sticks around. Khloe stays holed up in the master bedroom not wanting to talk with Tristan.

She’s afraid of becoming too emotional with him around (quote) “The Kardashian family has remained civil for the sake of the baby, but deep down they are all furious.”

The source said Khloe is just awaiting word from her doctor as to when it’s safe to fly back to Los Angeles with her baby.

WILL SMITH: Met Michael Jackson in a Closet

You’ll want to hear Will Smith tell the story of the only time he met Michael Jackson. The Fresh Prince face-to-face with the King of Pop.

Smith posted a three-minute video, impersonating all the characters on the night he crossed paths with Jacko. It happened at the BET Awards. Suge Knight caused a commotion. Smith’s bodyguard rushed him into a hallway utility closet. Suddenly, he felt a tap on the shoulder and it’s his hero, Michael Jackson, in the same utility closet and hiding from Suge.

Jackson asked the Fresh Prince if he’s into comic books. Smith lied and Michael followed up with (quote) “I got a Fantastic Four first edition, number 4. Wanna trade for that?”

And that’s about all the time they had to talk. Will regretted not asking the important questions like: “What’s the glove made of? What’s your brother Tito like? Can you Moonwalk forward? Is Annie OK?”  



Saturday Night Live announced the guests for their final three shows of the season. The finale on May 19 features Tina Fey and Nicki Minaj. The episode before that has Amy Schumerand country singer Kacey Musgrave. The very next live show, happening May 5, will be Donald Glover as guest host and the music he performs under the name Childish Gambino. (Entertainment Weekly

Kendall Jenner has unwittingly started a cosmetic surgery craze by going braless in sheer shirts. Women ask their plastic surgeon for filler injections in their nipples. They think “freeing the nipple” like Kendall is both sexy and feminine. Doctor Norman Rowe told the New York Post that his patients want a permanent “high beam or headlight look.” For 700 dollars they get hard nipples for two years. They spend another 700 dollars on Band-Aids and creams to treat the bloody chafing.

Tonight at midnight, Ariana Grande releases a new song influenced by her experience in last summer’s Manchester bombing that killed 22. The new single is called “No Tears Left to Cry.” People who’ve attended listening sessions said Ariana “addresses the incident in such a perfect, powerful way.” (Billboard)

More proof that Gigi Hadid dumped Zayn Malik. He wrote his new single “Let Me” with marrying Gigi in mind. He told Ryan Seacrest (quote) “I was aspiring to be in love with someone for the rest of my life. Things change, but that’s what I was thinking when I wrote it.” There’s a rumor that Gigi walked away after the “most recent overdose, which was the final straw in the relationship.”

Here’s how Jeff Bezos became the world’s wealthiest billionaire. Amazon offers Prime membership for 100 dollars annually. Amazon now has more than 100 million Prime members. In other words, on the first day in January, before Amazon has sold a single item, they’ve collected 10 billion dollars from members paying their yearly Prime dues. (The Wrap)  

Leo DiCaprio Dates Al Pacino’s "Step-Daughter"

Leonardo DiCaprio has a new girlfriend: a 20-year-old model named Camila Morrone.

They spent all of Coachella together. She sat in his lap and they cuddled at VIP parties when not watching her favorite acts. At Leo’s age, 43 years old, his musical taste runs toward reunion acts such as Smashing Pumpkins, Journey and Backstreet Boys.

Camila Morrone has a famous step-father: actor Al Pacino.

Leo ought to expect a threatening call from Pacino saying, (quote) “Don’t you dare break my little girl’s heart.” (Daily Mail)

Nikki Bella Signed 75-Page Pre-Nup

In hindsight, Nikki Bella admits John Cena gave several signals he never wanted to marry.

Last week, she finally gave up on the six-year relationship.

Before Cena allowed her to move into his house, he handed Nikki a 75-page contract to sign. She did, out of a sense of obligation. Had she refused, that probably would’ve been their last day together.

At the time, she said on the reality series Total Bellas, (quote) “It makes me second-guess where John and I stand in our relationship. I love John, but maybe he knows that he doesn’t want to be with me forever?” (People)

ABBY LEE MILLER: Dance Mom Cancer Diagnosis

The medical crisis for Abby Lee Miller took a twist yesterday: emergency spinal surgery resulted in a cancer diagnosis. Thankfully, the doctors gave her an optimistic prognosis.

Miller’s doctor told People magazine, (quote) “We’re getting an oncologist involved. We have to figure out what the next steps are as far as chemotherapy or radiation or more spine surgery.”

Doctors now believe Abby Lee Miller has an aggressive form of cancer in her lymph nodes called Burkitt’s. Commonly, the cancer cells can migrate to the central nervous system, which would explain her complaints of “excruciating neck pain.” That's why she had emergency spinal surgery in the first place.

BLACK PANTHER: Historic Screening in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia ended its 35-year ban on movie theaters with an historic screening of Black Panther in Riyadh.

About 500 invited guests watched the Marvel movie at an AMC theater yesterday. It was the first public screening of a movie since the early '80s when the Saudi government adopted more extreme forms of Islam. The government announce in December that it was lifting the ban. AMC plans to open about 30 more theaters in the next five years. 

KELLY CLARKSON: Hostess With the Mostest

Kelly Clarkson will make her awards show hosting debut next month at the Billboard Music Awards, which could feature big wins by top nominees Ed Sheeran,Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar -- each of whom is up in 15 categories.

Kel showed off her sass in a statement saying, “I already have 20 costume changes planned. I will be flying in like my girl Pink, and calling Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman for jokes. Well, or I’m just gonna show up and celebrate my favorite artists and get to know a few more. Yeah, maybe I’ll go with that plan.”

The Billboard Music Awards will air on NBC on May 20th. The show moves from its longtime spot at CBS for the first time.

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