Ways To Bring "Good Luck" To Your Home

We could all use a little luck now and again, and according to the teachings of feng shui and traditional folklore, there are things you can do around the house to turn the tide in your favor. Hey, who knows?! When it comes to luck, every little bit counts.

Paint your front door depending on which direction it faces: According to feng shui, if your door faces south it should be red; if it faces north, go with blue or black; west -- gray or white; and east-facing doors should be brown or green.

Elephant figurines: In many cultures elephants are symbols of luck because they are wise, loyal and steadfast. Just a small figurine on a bookshelf will do the trick.

Fresh flowers: Practitioners of feng shui say fresh flowers in your home will bring good fortune ... as long as they don't have thorny stems!

A bowl of citrus: Fresh citrus fruits not only taste good, but they attract wealth and positive energy.

A clean entryway: Remove all the clutter from your home's entry point to encourage good energy and start the day off right, according to feng shui.

A koi pond: This is an ancient symbol of luck and good fortune -- but might take a tad bit of work! (Good Housekeeping)

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