Checking Smartphones Before Bed Adds To Sleep Problems

If you want a good night’s sleep, do not check your smartphone before hitting the hay.

Why? Because checking your smartphone before and after sleep could be adding to your stress. A recent poll found 63-percent of Americans keep their phones near the bed so it's the last thing they look at before going to sleep and the first thing they see when they wake up. Now, a new study by the University of East London says checking the phone before and after sleep is causing millennials stress and anxiety.

The study found that leaving your smartphone outside the bedroom when you sleep can improve your mental well-being in as little as a week. It found those who didn't use their smartphones in the bedroom for week were also less likely to be addicted to the phone. The study's co-author says if you can break the cycle of checking your phone before and after bed, you're also less likely to have addictive behaviors elsewhere in life.

A tip: if you use your smartphone as your alarm… don’t. Get an alarm clock.

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