Common Bra Mistakes Most Women Make

It’s a good bet most women are spending a lot of money on bras each year, but it seems a lot of them are wasting that dough because they are not taking care of their bras properly.

A new report reveals the common mistakes most women make when it comes to their bras, and we bet most gals will be shocked to find out what they are. But luckily they are easy to fix so you never have to waste your money again.

Bra mistakes include:

  • Don’t Wash Them Too Often – While you may think that like underwear, bras need to be washed after every use, especially since they are so close to your skin, and you’re bound to sweat in them, “Good Housekeeping” reports that too much washing can cause them to lose their elasticity. Instead, they suggest washing them every three to four wears. In addition, if you wash them in a machine, put them in a pillow case, and try to stay away from tumble drying them. 
  • Don’t Keep Them In A Drawer – While most gals shove their bras in the drawer each night, the mag suggests that’s a big no-no, because they need to air out so “sweat doesn’t fester,” causing them to smell or irritate your skin. Instead they suggest hanging them, but from the center not the straps, so you don’t stretch them out. 
  • Buy the Right Size – Now this isn’t a big secret, most women aren’t wearing the right size bra. Breast size can change based on hormones, or weight loss or gain, so the bra size you wore in your teens likely isn’t the same one you should be wearing today. And when buying a bra, make sure it fits comfortably on the loosest hook, so if it stretches, you can still tighten it.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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