Here's This Week's "I'm Lovin' It"

HEY YOU GUYSSSSS(in my best Goonies voice), you HAVE to try this stuff! Hi, I'm Jackie and I'm a recovering shampoo-a-holic. At my lowest point, I would wash my hair twice a day. I've seen the light and the key to my recovery is cleansing conditioner and co-wash. I've tried so many. Most are just ok, some are horrible, but this one puts them all to shame. A friend mentioned that she got this in her Target Beauty Box and was blown away. When she told me it only costs $5, I couldn't wait to try it! It did not disappoint.  I use this every day. It gets rid of any product I use in my hair and the difference in my hair (in just 2 weeks) is night and day.   I now only use regular shampoo once a week.  Want to try it out? Send your name, DOB & contact phone to . Want to find out more? Click here  

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JTD in the Morning

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