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BLAC CHYNA: Pregnant With 18-Year-Old Boyfriend

Blac Chyna is pregnant.

She’s dated rapper YBN Almighty Jay for a grand total of three months. (New York Post)

He’s just 18 years old. Chyna is 29. They supposedly met on the dating website Christian Mingle and then immediately jumped to the "go forth and multiply" part of the bible. Chyna previously told Us Weekly, "I wanna have maybe two more kids. I wouldn’t mind having four. No more after that. Five is too many. I’d have to get a minivan, and I’m not riding in no minivan.”


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Michelle Wolf: Everyone's still talking about the comedian's controversial monologue at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

R. Kelly: The Time's Up movement is focusing on the R&B singer, who has been accused of sexual misconduct with underage girls.

'NSYNC: The boy band reunited to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Corey Seager: The Dodgers shortstop needs Tommy John surgery due to a UCL sprain of his right arm, so he's out for the season.

Tristan Thompson: Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy broke his silence on social media for the first time rumors of him cheating on her broke.

#DTWS: The new season, featuring star athletes, premiered on Monday night.

ASHLEY JUDD: Suing Weinstein for Allegedly Destroying Her Career

Ashley Judd is suing Harvey Weinstein, claiming the former movie mogul destroyed her career.

In an interview with ABC News, the actress said, “I lost career opportunity. I lost money. I lost status and prestige and power in my career as a direct result of having been sexually harassed and rebuffing the sexual harassment.”

She added, “My career opportunities, after having been defamed by Harvey Weinstein, were significantly diminished. My career was damaged because I rebuffed Mr. Weinstein’s sexual advances. I know it for a fact.”

In the lawsuit, Judd says Weinstein put the kibosh on Peter Jackson casting her in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Judd said she'd donate any money from the lawsuit to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

BILL COSBY: Juror Says 2005 Deposition Led to Conviction

Why was Bill Cosby convicted?

According to juror number-one, it was the comedian's own words that did him in. 

Harrison Snyder appeared on Good Morning America Monday and said Cosby's 2005 deposition was the key evidence in the retrial. In the deposition, the former TV dad admitted to obtaining drugs, including quaaludes, to give to women he sought for sex.   

Andrea Constand, the victim in the case, accused the star of drugging and molesting her in 2004.

Snyder also said the Me Too movement as well as the testimony of five other Cosby accusers did not factor in the jury's decision. (USA Today)

Last week, Cosby was found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

SETH ROGEN: Stands by James Franco

Seth Rogen is standing by James Franco.

Rogen says he'll continue to work with his pal, despite accusations of sexual misconduct against the star.

But in a Vulture interview Seth sidestepped any in-depth talk of the Me Too movement. He said, “The truth is that my perspective on this is the least relevant perspective. I’m friends with these people and I’m a dude. All that combined makes me the last person who should be talking about this.”

He added, “There are so many people with real things to contribute to the #MeToo discussion that anything I say is not going to add anything useful.”

Asked if Rogen would still work with Franco, he replied, “Yes.”

The two have co-starred in several movies, including The Disaster Artist, The Interviewand This Is the End.

JERSEY SHORE: Ronnie Apologizes After Fighting With Ex on Instagram Livestream

Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has apologized after getting into an explosive fight with his now-ex-girlfriend.

The tiff between the reality star and his baby mama Jen Harley was streamed live on Instagram on Monday. It reportedly began after Ronnie blasted Jen in several Instagram stories over the weekend. In one, he called her a "natural born HOE."

In the video, Ronnie is seen trying to wrestle a phone out of her hand as she yells “stop.” A few seconds later, the livestream cut out.

He later wrote, “I want to apologize for earlier to my fans, and especially @tater_tot_kitty [Jen's Instagram account]. I acted on my gut and not rationally. I should’ve never acted in such a [manner]. My deepest [apologies].”

The couple has since broken up.

Ronnie stars in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation on MTV.


Russell Brand's mother has been seriously hurt in a car accident. On Twitter, the British comedian said the 71 had suffered “numerous life-threatening injuries.” He's canceled his ReBirth tour.

Pamela Gidley, who starred in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, has died at 52. The actress also had a recurring role on CSI. No cause of death has been given. (Hollywood Reporter)

Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant got hitched to writer Conner O’Malley in an intimate ceremony over the weekend.

The second season of 13 Reasons Why, the controversial teen-suicide drama, premieres May 18th on Netflix.

U2: Stage Director Outlines Tour

Anyone itching to know in advance what U2's Experience + Innocence Tour might look like when it kicks off on Wednesday in Tulsa might want to check out an interview on with the band's stage director, Willie Williams.

In the lengthy chat, Williams explains how the tour is actually the last of three treks the band started planning for five years ago. At first, the idea was to do just two -- the first based on Innocence, the second on Experience -- but that The Joshua Tree 30th anniversary slipped in between them. He says that if they had gone out in 2016 with Experience, he's sure they "would have used exactly the same staging and just told the second part of the story. But as time goes by the technology develops at such an extraordinary rate," so they can do more things now. And since they're coming back after three years, they felt it "couldn't be exactly the same [as Innocence]."

Williams says that while "at first glance, it looks exactly the same as The Joshua Treestage, "everything is much cleverer than it was." Even the resolution on the huge video screens is now 10 times what it was last time around. He calls the augmented reality app that will be used during the opening number "another tool for the storytelling" and says it's meant to enhance the "communal experience." He says he feels it's "very much a detail," but one that adds to the storytelling in a way that nothing else would have.

As for the setlist, he says that U2 has rehearsed songs it has never done before, which he finds "really exciting." He says the show is designed around "these amazing set pieces which are completely locked down and there are certain portions of the show between these pieces where anything can happen."

TAYLOR SWIFT, TRAIN: Say It With Flowers

Taylor Swift just celebrated the sweet smell of success by giving a fragrant bouquet to Train frontman Pat Monahan -- who lent her a hand in writing Sugarland's new hit, "Babe."

Pat shared a photo of the arrangement on Instagram, along with a replica of Taylor's accompanying note, which read, "I'm so excited about our song! Sending you and your family the biggest hug and I hope to see you soon!"

He added his own two cents by saying, "I want to thank Taylor for being so kind, sweet and talented, and letting me be a part of her huge life. And thank you for these. My kids think I’m pretty cool.

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