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Mariah Carey Pawned $10mil Engagement Ring

Mariah Carey pawned her diamond ring 18-months after her engagement failed.

Australian billionaire James Packer spent 10 million dollars on the 35-carat diamond engagement ring. Mariah took it to a Los Angeles jeweler, who gave her 2 million for the ring. They supposedly signed a confidentiality agreement and will never divulge details about the transaction.

Mariah’s publicist basically confirmed the New York Post story (quote) “Mariah has been very vocal about moving forward in her life surrounded by positivity. That requires leaving baggage behind, including an old engagement ring from an ex-boyfriend.”


Scott Disick got a foot rub for his 35th birthday from his teenage girlfriend. Sofia Richie seems to have a foot fetish. She’s also been known to clip Scott’s toenails. In both instances, Scott Instagrammed the occasion and Sofia negotiated a deal to appear on Keeping Up With Kardashians. Will next season show moments of Sofia touching Scott's stank feet? (People)

Congratulations to Snoop Dogg. This Memorial Day Weekend, Snoop set a Guiness World Record for the largest Gin & Juice. He mixed his favorite drink in a five-foot tall glass that was three-feet in diameter. In other words, 41 gallons of cocktail. (Mercury News)

Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo was robbed in Italy. She sat down at a sidewalk café for a glass of wine. The purse-snatcher stole from right under her nose. She wrote at Instagram (quote) “I blame the Rosé. But Grazia to whoever stole my purse for dropping it on the street exactly intact. I was tracking my phone and chasing you down! had I caught you, it would not have ended well for you.”

Katy Perry took a day off from the Witness World Tour to catch a preview of Orlando Bloom in a play called Killer Joe. She Instagrammed the cover of the program for the West End production. (Us Weekly)

Lindsay Lohan has licensed her name to a Greek nightclub, not unlike President Donald Trump does with international hotels. Lindsay joked in January (quote) “I figured I’ve gone clubbing enough, I should have my own!” Over the weekend, Lindsay showcased on social media the grand opening of the LOHAN Beach House on the Greek island of Mykonos. (Daily Mail)

Emma Watson Dumps Glee Boyfriend

Emma Watson keeps her relationships private. But unfollowing Chord Overstreet on Instagram this weekend exposed the change in her relationship status. 

She’s dumped the former Glee actor. They dated about three months. Chord and Emma hung together throughout Academy Awards weekend. They weren’t seen out in public much beyond the Oscars parties. A paparazzi video showed he’d given up his tux jacket and she wore it home.

Chord retaliated and unfollowed Emma. A source confirmed, (quote) “Emma and Chord kept quiet about their relationship. But things just haven’t worked out. They are both now single again.” (The Sun UK)

Sesame Street Sues Over "Copulating" Puppets

Melissa McCarthy has been sued by the creators of Sesame Street.

Her R-rated summer movie, called The Happytime Murders, features cute puppet characters acting violent and sexual. The red-letter trailer with four-letter words even shows the climax of a sex scene. The male puppet pulls out and releases silly string.

Puppets are shown swearing like sailors, abusing drugs and decapitating their rivals. Apparently, the movie is supposed to show what happens with kid show puppets when the cameras are not rolling. The tagline to the movie is “No Sesame, All Street.”

The lawsuit claims The Happytime Murders will cause “irreparable injury” to Sesame Street’s brand. They cite the R-rated trailer filled with “misogynistic, violent, copulating, and even ejaculating puppets.”  (People)


Prince Harry Altered Honeymoon Plans Multiple Times

Leaks about honeymoon destinations forced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to alter plans multiple times.

An insider told Elle magazine, (quote) “If a location leaks prior to travel, it compromises their safety. They’re advised by their protection team to change plans.” Kate Middleton and Prince William booked a few different trips before honeymooning on the exotic island of Seychelles [pr: SAY-shells].

Harry is determined to escape the crush of paparazzi and tabloid writers. So trips to the African countries of Namibia and Botswana, or the Australian beach-side town of Noosa or Hawaii, and even the latest rumor about Alberta, Canada are suddenly off the table.

The Royal Couple may have faked-out the reporters and already escaped to their honeymoon paradise. Harry and Meghan haven't been seen in days and do not have a public appearance scheduled until June 9th.

KIM KARDASHIAN WEST: Gets Nasty Over Charity

Kim Kardashian is at odds with one of Kanye West’s early collaborators, Rhymefest. 

The Chicago rapper runs the Donda’s House, Inc. non-profit named after Kanye’s late mother. He recently called out Kanye for not funding the organization to help Chicago youth. That’s when Yeezy’s wifey entered the fray, accusing Rhymefest of having the “audacity to use Kanye’s mom’s name to try and shed a negative light on Kanye.” She says he hasn’t been able to sustain the foundation and the real reason he’s mad is because he couldn’t get a placement on the upcoming album Love Everyone.

She then threatened, “You better believe I will make it my mission to take Donda’s House from you and let my children run it the way it should be run!” 

In response, Rhymefest issued a written statement where he accused Kim and Kanye for a “lack of interest or support” in Donda’s House and says that it was actually Kanye who reached out to him about working on the new album and not the other way around. 

Donda’s House, Inc. says they will no longer use Kanye’s mother’s name in association with the non-profit. The charity encourages Kim and Kanye to “pick up the baton of service.”

Taylor Swift Fires Misogynist Dancer

Taylor Swift fired one of her backup dancers for crude, social media posts with a misogynistic streak. (Pop Crave)

That’s one of Taylor’s zero tolerance zones. She spent millions last summer in a Denver courtroom defending her reputation and her body. Taylor continues to quietly support the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

The dancer’s name is Toshi. He’s taken his Instagram account private since been kicked off the Reputation Stadium Tour. But screen-grabs reveal a sickening attitude toward women. One post suggested a woman’s soccer team needed to go “Back to the Kitchen.” Another featured pictures of a windowless van, a road leading into the woods and a bottle of Chloroform. Creepy stuff. Serial killer material.

Meanwhile, Taylor shook off a rude comment from a BBC host at the radio station’s Biggest Weekend festival. She came off the stage and backstage he joked (quote) “It’s nice to see you. I think you need to have a shower now.”

Taylor took the high road and replied (quote) “I agree! And I’m not offended that you said that!” Motioning to her tight, sequined bodysuit Taylor admitted (quote) “There’s a lot going on here and none of it’s good!” (Us Weekly)

EMINEM, NICKI MINAJ: Flirting With a Relationship

Eminem and Nicki Minaj are publicly flirting with the idea of a relationship.

It started with Barbie talking about bagging a white guy and name-dropping Marshall Mathers on YG’s “Big Bank.” And when one of her fans asked her if she was dating Em, she replied in the affirmative. 

Then, when he headlined the Boston Calling festival on Sunday night, he brought up the rumors on stage. He asked the crowd what they thought about him dating Nicki, which got a mixed reaction. Nicki responded soon after, tweeting, “Laughing my ass off. The fact that he’s silly and a goof just like me. Love him so much. Em we need you on the #Queenalbum. That’s where our first date will be; at the studio while I gaze into your beautiful eyes as you write your verse."


1. Solo: A Star Wars Story - $103 million

2. Deadpool 2 - $55 million

3. Avengers: Infinity War - $21.2 million

4. Book Club - $12.5 million

5. Life of the Party - $6.9 million

Solo won the Memorial Day weekend box office, but may have lost the war. With $103 million over the four-day holiday, the Han Solo origin flick fell well short of expectations. Disney had projected a $130 to $150 million opening, and with a $250 to $300 million production budget, it could be the first Star Wars flop. The last Star Warsstory, Rogue One, opened at $155 million in December 2016.

Last weekend's top movie, Deadpool 2, earned $55 million between Friday and Monday, taking its total to $219.7 million.

Avengers: Infinity War dropped from second to third with $21.2 million. The Marvel movie has earned $626.4 million in five weeks. It's now sixth on the all-time domestic list, edging out the original Avengers movie. 

Book Club went from third to fourth with $12.5 million, and Life of the Party was fifth with $6.9 million.

Twice Before, Becca Kufrin Applied to The Bachelor

Be happy for Becca Kufrin. She’s The Bachelorette after twice applying to compete on The Bachelor.

We know how Arie Luyendyk Jr. did her wrong in last season’s Bachelor. After proposing, Arie texted runner-up Lauren Burnham behind Becca’s back. Then Arie blindsided her on a so-called “couple’s weekend” by inviting cameras to record him dumping Becca.

Years earlier, Becca applied to The Bachelor and got a call from the casting company. She pursued the offer but eventually withdrew. An ex-boyfriend was back in the picture and Becca wanted to give him another shot.

That boyfriend didn’t work out. Nor did Arie. But Becca already spoiled the ending to her Bachelorette journey. She’s happily engaged, (quote) “I feel like I finally found my missing puzzle piece. I just can’t wipe the smile off my face!” (People)

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