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Kris Jenner says that Khloe Kardashian will “be home soon” but probably booked only a one-way flight.

Khloe and Tristan Thompson will spend the summer in Los Angeles and raise their daughter, True, with all the cousins. He’s dreading the stay with her sisters all around. A source revealed, “Tristan knows they're mad at him. He's definitely going to work to get back on their good side.”

There's talk that Khloe won't return to Ohio. Once Tristan's season concludes, she's packing up for good.

Considering the play of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tristan and Khloe could be on their way to L.A. by the end of the week. The Cavs are down two games and destined to lose in the NBA Finals. (Us Weekly)

JOHNNY DEPP: Fans Worried About His Health

Fans of Johnny Depp are worried about his health after photos of the 54-year-old looking pale and gaunt surfaced online.

In one pic Depp poses with an admirer in Russia wearing an oversized, striped shirt and appearing thinner than usual. Fans began to speculate about the star's well-being. One concerned fan tweeted, "Johnny Depp is not doing well guys. Please please tell me that Johnny Depp is just prepping for a movie and not that he is sick cause he doesn’t look so good here."

But not everyone agrees. One fan who attended one of his shows with his band Hollywood Vampires thought he looked fine. "Just saw #JohnnyDepp in concert in Hamburg. He looks healthy, happy and he had so much fun.... How pictures can deceive an impression."

JIMMY FALLON: Makes Surprise Commencement Speech at Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Jimmy Fallon made a surprise appearance at the graduation ceremony for students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Sunday.

The Tonight Show host gave the commencement speech, honoring victims of the shooting at the Florida school and the activists who launched the March for Our Lives rally earlier this year.

He began the speech with some humor. "You should feel incredibly proud of yourselves. That doesn't mean you should rest on your laurels -- or your yannys. Some of you will grow up to hear yanny, some of you will grow up to hear laurel, but the most important thing for you to know is that neither of these things will matter by the end of the summer. Here's what will matter: you, the class of 2018, will have graduated. And you won't be classmates anymore. You'll be adults who Facebook search each other at two in the morning for the next ten years."

He ended by saying, “You are not just the future ― you are the present. Keep changing the world. Keep making us proud.” (Washington Post)


Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't only play a superhero in the movies. Recently, the actor saved a man in London who was being mugged.

According to Britain's Sun newspaper, the Doctor Strange and Sherlock star spotted a delivery cyclist being attacked by four men while he was riding in an Uber with his wife, Sophie Hunter. The muggers reportedly punched the cyclist and hit him over the head with a bottle. Undaunted, Cumberbatch jumped out of the car, pulled the attackers away and shouted "leave him alone." The men allegedly pounced on the star, but he fended them off and they fled, empty-handed.

On Saturday, the food delivery company Deliveroo recognized his courageous act, tweeting, "Thank you Benedict Cumberbatch for your brave actions. Deliveroo riders are heroes - their safety is our priority and any violence against them is totally unacceptable. So on behalf of everyone at deliveroo: thank you."

Uber driver Ma­n­uel Dias tells the Sun, "The cyclist was lucky, Benedict's a superhero."

In another moment of real life imitating art. The incident went down only a few blocks from 221B Baker Street, the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes.


The Paramount Network has scrapped its Heathers reboot. The company delayed the satire's March 7th premiere in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Paramount Network exec Keith Cox tells The Hollywood Reporter, "The combination of a high school show with these very dark moments didn't feel right."

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster have gotten married. The two actors made the announcement two weeks after being spotted at the City Clerk's office in Manhattan to obtain their marriage license.

FX has renewed Legion, starring Dan Stevens, for a third season.

William Phipps, who voiced Prince Charming in the Disney animated classic Cinderella, has died. The actor also starred in such sci-fi classics as The War of the Worlds and Invaders From Mars. He was 96.


1. Solo: A Star Wars Story - $29.3 million

2. Deadpool 2 - $23.3 million

3. Adrift - $11.5 million

4. Avengers: Infinity War - $10.4 million

5. Book Club - $6.8 million

After a disappointing opening, Solo saw a steep drop in its second weekend. The Star Wars Story earned $29.3 million, a 65 percent drop from last weekend. The flick has earned $148.9 million in 10 days.

Deadpool 2 stayed in second with $23.3 million. The sequel has now made $254.7 million.

Adrift, starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, opened in third with $11.5 million.

Avengers: Infinity War dropped from third to fourth with $10.4 million, raising its total to $642.9 million.

Book Club also fell a slot to fifth with $6.8 million.

The Johnny Knoxville comedy Action Point bombed, opening in ninth with only $2.3 million.

TAYLOR SWIFT: Supports LGBTQ Pride Month

Taylor Swift took time from her Chicago concert to send “love and respect” to the LGBTQ community.

Taylor spoke on stage about her hope for “a world where everyone can live and love equally. That no one has to be afraid to say how they feel.”

June is Pride Month. Nearly 50 years ago, late in June, gay men rioted outside the Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Inn. Historians consider it the inflection point in LGBTQ movement for equal rights.

Before breaking into her song about boyfriend Joe Alwyn, Taylor said, (quote) “When it comes to love and searching for someone to spend your whole life with ... it’s all just really, really delicate.” (People)

MARIAH CAREY: Vegas Ticket Sales "a Disaster"

Ticket sales for Mariah Carey's Butterfly Returns Las Vegas residency are surprisingly slow.

While artists such as Elton John, Celine Dion and Barry Manilow have done big business in Vegas, Page Six reports that sales for Mimi's three-month Caesars Palace residency beginning July 5th are "a disaster." Especially hit hard are scalpers, who snapped up a lot of seats, only to see their value plummet in a slow market.

However, packager/promoter Live Nation claims it's "very pleased" with sales for Carey's shows.

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