Things That McDonald's Employees Want You To Stop

posted by Tony Manero -

Anyone who’s worked at a fast food restaurant will tell you that customers can often be rather irritating, which can make an already thankless job even more dreadful. Well, now a group of McDonald’s workers have taken to Reddit to reveal the most annoying things customers do, and there’s a good chance you may be guilty of some of them. 

Irritating customer behavior includes:

  • Expecting crew members to make something that’s not on the menu - despite what you’ve heard, there isn’t a secret menu.
  • Ordering complicated “special requests”
  • Hacking the system to get fresh fries – people ask for fries without salt thinking they’ll get fresh ones, but employees say it’s easier to just ask for fresh fries.
  • Placing a drive-thru order in a noisy car 
  • Dawdling by the cash register – They want to get people out fast, so once you’ve ordered step aside.
  • Dumping change when it comes time to pay
  • Acting condescending towards crew members
  • Leaving a big mess – come on, clean up after yourself.
  • Forgetting to think through your order
  • Cutting the line at the drive thru
  • Failing to control their kids

Source: Business Insider


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