Thank Goodness!! The Raccoon Is SAFE!!

I'll admit it....I spent WAY too much time following the adventures of this little raccoon in Minnesota. 

After a perilous journey that captured the attention of thousands, the brave raccoon made it to the top of a Minnesota skyscraper. 

The raccoon, who became stranded on the ledge of a building in St. Paul, climbed a 25-story tower and turned into an internet celebrity overnight. The saga started Monday, when the animal was spotted in a shallow recess of a wall on a Town Square building, Minnesota Public Radio's KNOW-FM reports.

A maintenance crew attempted to help the raccoon by offering it a makeshift ladder. That didn't work — it scared the animal to a nearby office tower, where it began its death-defying ascent. Tuesday afternoon, local coverage of the climb trended on Twitter with #mprraccoon, and the world began rooting for the little guy. 

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