Girlfriend Sabotages His Career, He Sues Her & Wins!

  • Eric Abramovitz’s dream was to study clarinet at the Coburn Conservatory of Music
  • It came with a free ride and primo job possibilities 
  • His girlfriend deleted the acceptance email and faked a rejection one
  • He took her to court and got a big win verdict

Eric Abramovitz has played clarinet ever since he was a kid - and he's pretty talented. So he  applied to his dream school the Coburn Conservatory of Music - where legendary professor Yehuda Giladaccepts two students a year. Along with being his student, participants get a full scholarship, which runs about 50-thousand dollars a year. And Eric got in!

The problem? Eric's then-girlfriend Jennifer Leedid it all to keep him with her at McGill University.

Fast-forward two years later, and happened to meet Yehuda - and they discovered the deception. So they collected the proof of her shenanigans - and he went to court. And now? a jury has awarded him the $300-thousand he asked for PLUS threw in another 50k!  While Eric is now with the Santa Barbara Orchestra, it's easy to see why the decision is music to his ears.

  • Superior Court Judge David Corbett said “I cannot speculate as to how high and how quickly Mr. Abramovitz’s career might have soared, but for the interference by Ms. Lee. But the law does recognize that the loss of a chance is a very real and compensable loss.”
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