Most Of Us Want To Bring Our Dogs To Work

  • Study shows two thirds of workers want their pets at work
  • About 50% worry about their needs and loneliness
  • 87% of employers recognize being pet friendly is a talent attracter
  • 59% of employees decide who to work for based on pet friendliness

It’s no shock that lots of people believe pets make our lives better. In some studies, we pick them over our partners. So, why not take them to work, right?

Well, a new study for the Better Cities For Pets initiative shows that more than half of us would take our pets to work if we could. One of the reasons is to make sure they aren’t lonely. Interestingly, employers, according to the research, are starting to listen too.

Here’s what else the study uncovered:

  • Two thirds of employees wish they could take their pet to work.
  • Nearly 50% would take them once a week at least.
  • About the same are worried their pets are lonely.
  • The majority of pet owners worry about their best buddy’s basic needs.
  • 87% of employers say being dog friendly helps attract top workers.
  • 59% of employees would pick a workplace because of the ability to bring Spot.

If you can take your pet to work, or want to know more on how to do it, Better Cities For Pets has a Pets At Work toolkit you can check out.

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