Got Barking Dogs? Then You Need This Week's "I'm Lovin" It"

I have 4 dogs...sometimes 5 when my son brings his dog home. One barks, they all bark. A door opens, BARK! A dog barks on TV, BARK! A tiny, no big deal noise somewhere in the house, BARK BARK BARK!! It got out of control very quickly. One barks, the others follow. I can't use a shock collar, I just can't. So I went on a mission to find anything else. I've tried the water bottle spay, I've tried pennies in a can, I've tried every tip in every book, I've tried every OTHER noise maker on Amazon. All of the previously mentioned would stop one or two of the dogs, but not all. Inevitably, after awhile, they were unaffected by it. One day I was perusing and I came across the "Doggie Don't"   I saw all the great reviews and was immediately skeptical that they were fake. as I read through them, I realized they were real and I ordered it right away. It's been over a month and this baby WORKS!! on the first click, ALL of my dogs stop barking. I am ecstatic!!!  If this works on all 5 of my dogs, I promise it will work for you! Want to win a "Doggie Don't"? Email your name, number, and & DOB to   

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