Planters Cheez Balls Are Back!

The Kraft Heinz Co announced they would be bringing back their Cheez Balls And Cheez Curls for a “limited time” starting July 1. 

Mr. Peanut hinted at their return mid-June, tweeting that he’d put a can up on eBay for auction (the proceeds would go to a food bank of the winner’s choice) and people understandably went bananas.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself "There are other cheeseballs at the grocery store." You are correct, however Mr. Peanut's Cheez Balls are the BEST. Cheesier! Yummier! And after a 12 year break you can find them at various Wal-Mart's, Amazon, and hopefully wherever you buy groceries! Try a me, you'll love them!

CLICK HERE to order

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