Halo Top Sued For "Underfilling" Their Containers

A pair of people in California are suing Halo Top Creamery, alleging the ice cream company “routinely” and “dramatically” under-fills their low-calorie pints. Gillian Neely and Youssif Kamal have filed a 13-page complaint against Eden Creamery LLC, accusing Halo Top’s parent company of swindling customers.

Neely and Kamal claim they “unknowingly paid for a full pint of Halo Top ice cream but did not receive a full pint” and that the brand “knows it is short-changing its customers, but refuses to do anything about it.” They say the “guilt free” ice cream containers are “routinely under-filled … dramatically so at times, and as a course of business.”

Halo Top has become the best-selling pint of ice cream in the country, with 50-million pints sold since the beginning of 2017. And of course, they deny these claims.

"We have never and would never “under-fill” our pints,” their spokesperson explains. “Product settling can occur from time to time due to everything from heat fluctuations to altitude changes during shipping and handling.”

Source: Fox News

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