Mom Warns Parents About Front Loading Washers

While front-loading washing machines certainly look cool and sleek in your home, there are hidden dangers parents need to be aware of. In case you missed it, a Colorado mom took to Facebook to warn other parents about the machines after her three-year-old daughter got trapped in one and it began filling up with water.

Lindsey McIver says she and her husband were awakened by their crying four-year-old son who could barely get out, “Kloe. Inside. Washer” and she ran down to find Kloe inside the locked washer as it was filing with water. Lindsey says she and her husband has just installed the washer and warned the kids not to go near it, but, of course, they are kids. They were able to get Kloe out, and she suffered just a few bumps, but Lindsey posted her story to warn other parents, knowing there was a risk she’d be mommy-shamed.

The McIvers now have a child safety lock on the laundry machine door, and they now know that the machine does have its own child lock feature that will keep the machine from starting as long as it’s engaged, although it doesn’t stop the door from being locked.

As for the shaming she expected would come with her post, Lindsey notes, “Shaming the mom doesn’t do anyone any good,” adding, “We need to be open and honest about our mistakes to help one another keep our kids safe. And trust me, that mom is already beating herself up enough.” Check out her full post here.

Source: USA Today

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