Vicious Raccoons Terrorizing SE Albuquerque

From KOB-TV:

It's not uncommon to hear people vowing to “take back the community” from crime, but in a Southeast Albuquerque neighborhood, one man wants his neighbors to take a stand against something else: raccoons.

Last week, Edward Standefer and his family woke up to a commotion in the backyard. When he went outside, his cat, Meatball, was nowhere to be found, but there was evidence of an attack on the patio.

“His white fur was all over the place,” Standefer said. “I mean to see that, I thought he was eaten for sure.”

The Standefer’s caught a glimpse of the culprit, a raccoon.  Meatball got away and is recovering.

“His belly had a pretty good sized bite taken out of it, right under his arm here and since then, his fur has kind of grown over it,” Standefer said.

A couple days before the attack on Meatball, a woman was walking her dog through Hyder Park when she became a victim herself. The victim was rounding the corner on Wellsley and Santa Clara when she came across a raccoon with babies in the street.

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