Want To Live Longer? Go To A Concert!

Parish County Line, Laine Hardy, and Neutral Snap at Texas Club 7.14.18

Need a good reason to buy that concert ticket? A study claims to have found evidence that going to a concert once every two weeks can actually extend your life, by years!  

According to this study, there is a 'positive correlation between regularity of concert attendance and well-being'.

Researchers also say that 'additional scholarly research directly links high levels of well being with a lifespan increase of nine years'.

The basic reasoning suggests that  doing something that you love stimulates your mind, increases your feelings of self-worth and closeness, and contributes to your overall well-being.

Read more here https://news.o2.co.uk/press-release/science-says-gig-going-can-help-you-live-longer-and-increases-wellbeing/ 

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