Have You Been a Victim Of Your Own Drunk Shopping Spree?

Drinking and late night shopping channel do not mix according to a new study.

A new survey finds that Americans spend an average of 447 dollars on stuff each year while drunk. That, by the way, is double what sober people spend in the same time frame. Finder.com and other surveys found that almost half of those surveyed said they'd bought something while inebriated.

It's no surprise that alcohol could have an impact on judgment about the best use of what's in your bank account. The survey broke it down by what people were drinking at the time -- gin drinkers tended to spend the most while beer and whiskey drinkers were a bit more conservative.

Here’s some of the craziness by the numbers:

  • 83% of buzzed shoppers say they spend up on food.
  • Second, shoes and clothes (25.09%) and gambling (24.91%)
  • people spent 30 percent more when shopping after midnight on a Friday versus on a Monday
  • by 1 a.m., that jumps to 40 percent
  • Friday-night purchases of lingerie average $308, or 140 percent higher than they are on Monday nights. Show purchases are 165-percent higher
  • The morning after regret product return hits retailers in their pocketbooks.

The lesson learned here is, keep your credit and debit cards safely away from you when you’ve hit the sauce, or you may end up with a grow in the dark shark bathmat…

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