Here's This Week's "I'm Lovin' It" and It's PERFECT For Keto People!

So, I've learned a lot through Keto. Mostly how sugar and refined carbs affect my body. It's been interesting to see the changes that take place without those tasty foods! Here's the thing...I crave sweets MUCH less, but I'm a human and I still like sweet things. If you are doing Keto, you know that certain substitutes can knock you right out of ketosis. Swerve does not. Even if i wasn't doing Keto, I'd still use Swerve. I like Stevia a lot but Swerve doesn't have that sometime bitter aftertaste. Also, It's SO much easier to cook and bake with, as opposed to Stevia. It measures just like sugar.  For whatever reason, if you're looking to cut back your sugar intake, this may make the transition MUCH easier. You can read more about Swerve here: You can enter to win a bag by emailing your name & number to

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