This Is Why Moms Are Leaving Their Left Shoe By Baby’s Car Seat

It seems like there’s always another tragic story about a parent forgetting a child in their backseat and sadly, it’s a mistake anyone could make. Parents are distracted, they’re busy, they forget, and sometimes a child dies as a result. And while there are new tech solutions to deal with the issue, like a new alert system from Nissan, there’s also a simple prevention method that’s totally free.

This idea isn’t new, it’s been around on social media for a few years, and some may scoff at it, but it could save a kid’s life, so we’re sharing it. It’s so easy, all you do is take off your left shoe after buckling baby into their car seat and leave it in the backseat while you drive.

The idea is that when you get where you’re going, you’re won’t get very far with just your right shoe on, so you’ll always remember your little one in the backseat. And it might feel a little silly, driving with one shoe off, but if it prevents the unthinkable, who cares?

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